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louis vuitton uk bags online When a person acts spiteful occasional glimmer of compassion , when the share of the hard-earned warmth may also be touching , but that does not mean that he has abandoned the evil from the good, because there is a phenomenon that has gained - the wicked warmth will not last long , sinister still is his humanity mainstream. Warmth, can not explain the problem of human nature, just to prove that he is an individual, the feelings just because people distinguish it in the boundaries of the beast . So, when a person comes to repay a favor by others , do not assume that he is definitely a good man informed Jirye . Because Gratitude , sometimes with too many dirty purposes, such a person, in the final analysis is the source of evil . louis vuitton uk bags online They came into the world hidden in the soul of hypocrisy , and hypocrisy coat into the coffin dressed in disguise . Even at the last moment pharynx breath before every desperate to pull it this coat , bind tightly to himself, feeling not leak any " evil" flaws , and was assured kick eyes closed , forever. In fact, this is already evident his hypocrisy, his sinister .

Where such a person , humane , Gratitude only reveal sinister prelude hypocrisy of their body, such as the flow from evil , too inch and footage is the main movement of life. For example, there are so few evil woman , marriage is not only meticulous care in his fiance , even in people skills , interpersonal skills as demonstrated Ling natural cause, enough to make her fiance think : This is really an amazing woman also vulgarity , this life not marry , wasted step . But once married, but things began to change : she becomes stupid bad , bossy , selfish, greed, vanity , husband to maintain a family atmosphere and the overall situation and try to bear and inclusive of , but she never thought of introspection , but more as it It should , airs , and even worse. Over time, this pattern will exceed the capacity of the husband , the family eventually become less peaceful , and even rupture.

Ah, of course, to accommodate some of the heart and tolerance. More important is to abandon hypocrisy, good advice . Love , were constant love ; Respect people , were constant Jingzhi . Guests for friends who died , but also to accommodate female herself ah ! I have to be tolerant to diversity generous capacity you, louis vuitton uk bags online why bother to force me to hurry, bully me too much of it ? Do not biting , do not cheat , do not selfish, not prejudice, not discrimination, do not despise herself and who do not have a wide and vigorous people, do not chew iron smite , threatening words and deeds do not snake in the grass .

I often think : wait for me to cross a reverse , then I will introspection , saying: " I ​​will also heartless , rude will also , this thing should be to Xi Zai " ? If introspection benevolence , introspection is too polite , however, its tribulations of that, louis vuitton uk bags online I will turn introspective , saying: " I ​​will infidelity also ." If introspection is also loyal , and its bars indicate the yes, I will say : " This is also Wangren have gone so, select Zai Xi with animals ." ?

People always have too much bias, when a good man doing an occasional should not do , people will always be struggling to dump hit , can not wait to let him ruin, perdition ; When a wicked man by chance when doing a good deed people will say that the people who actually still pretty good. louis vuitton uk bags online Think carefully what is called truth, this is not called bully called anything, it is human nature Inferiority , no wonder there is soil sentence saying: good longevity scourge not live thousands of years.

People, to Mingming , Jaeger -German ( plot discreet , heart Germany, the German lines ) . For the lines of their own .